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Die Company - Metal Progressive Stamping mold

Die Company - Metal Progressive Stamping mold

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Die Category
Technological properties
(1) stamping die along a closed or open contour separating the material produced. Such as blanking die, punching die, die cutting, die cut, trimming die, cut molds.
(2) Flexural modulus so that the sheet blank bending or other deformation of the blank along a straight line (curved line), thereby obtaining an angle of the workpiece and the shape of the mold.
(3) The drawing die is opening the sheet metal blank is made of hollow pieces, or the hollow member further change the shape and size of the mold.
(4) the casting mold is blank or semi-finished workpiece Figure convex shape directly copy die forming, and the material itself produces only local plastic deformation of the mold. Such as bulging die, necking die, flaring die, undulating forming die flanging mold, plastic molds.
Step combination
(1) single-step mode at the press of a stroke, completed only a die stamping process.
(2) composite mold only one station, in a stroke of the press, and at the same station
Simultaneously complete two or two more die stamping process.
(3) progressive die (also known as continuous mode) in the feed direction of the blank, having two or more stations, in a stroke of the press, at different stations on two successive complete or two Road above the die stamping process.
Continuous mode (progressive die), in a stamping press stroke, strip stamping using raw materials on a pair of mold with several different stations simultaneously processes multi-channel cold stamping die stamping, die stamping completed every time , moving away from a strip fixed to the product to finish.
Progressive die stamping process in the strip material is always in one direction of movement; movement to the inside of the mold material with two or more directions after cutting called progressive die; strip feeding is completed in the mold called automatic continuous mode; in A stamping production chain with different processes of stamping die manipulator or other automated facilities, use of a mold or moving parts to complete the piece stamping mold rated called multi-station mode.
Mold material
The most important factor in the mold material is hot strength and thermal stability, common mold material: Operating temperature molding material mold material
<300 ℃ zinc alloy Cr12, Cr12MoV, GCr15, T8, T10
300 ~ 500 ℃ aluminum alloy, copper alloy 5CrMnMo, 3Cr2W8,9CrSi, W18Cr4V, 5CrNiMo, W6Mo5Cr4V2, M2
500 ~ 800 ℃ aluminum alloy, copper alloy, steel and titanium GH130, GH33, GH37
800 ~ 1000 ℃ titanium alloys, steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys K3, K5, K17, K19, GH99, IN100, ЖC-6NX88, MAR-M200, TRW- NASA, WA
> 1000 ℃ nickel alloys copper based alloys
Mold parts
One of the key parts of the mold parts are die springs.
Die spring include: Japanese standard mold spring, the German standard die springs, spring, polyurethane springs, die springs usually refers to a rectangular mold spring.
Die springs are widely used in stamping dies, metal casting mold, plastic mold and other elastic motion precision machinery and equipment, automotive and other fields.
Die spring material generally used chromium alloy steel. Chromium alloy spring steel with high temperatures, high rigidity and long life characteristics.
Rectangular mold spring with a small, good elasticity, rigidity, high precision, making material rectangular surface dichroic coating (plating) to distinguish between different weight, beautiful appearance and other characteristics.
Mold Design
(1). To discuss materials (products, molding material) direction.
(2). Convex mold gap size.
(3). Daozheng adequate location and number of pins.
(4). Consider whether scrap rebounded delivery mode discharge smoothly.
(5). It is designed to monitor waste rebound sensors.
(6). Positioning plate and floating rose pin to select the appropriate.
(7). Bolts (including discharge screw) the number, size, location is selected appropriately.
(8). Consider blanking force, choose punch.

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