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  • Stamping parts - LCD terminal
Stamping parts - LCD terminal

Stamping parts - LCD terminal

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  • Hardware Is which 5 METAL
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※ LCD terminal market share of over 70%
 terminal products have 15 national patents
 invite provincial and municipal technology sectors affectedto study the reform of the "highreliability LCD terminal transformation" and other terminal production technology
※ 2012 undertook Provincial Commission by letter of the second batch of strategic emergingindustries and Enterprieseresearch and development of high-profiled terminal products and industrialization of key technologies
 plating complete, customizable, strong delivery capabilities

Dongguan Kang Ding precision metal processing using advanced equipment, product quality assurance,fast delivery, reasonable prices, the industry-leadingby foreign customers trust and love. ! Welcome:13827205356 Mr Chan