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 CNC machining wonderful pictures

Whether in the external or internal forces has, precision metal processing are the traditional characteristics of the performance of the technology are not available.
When CNC lathe programming tool selection should consider the following points: Make no programming simple. Machining errors caused minimal. Process for inspection. Knife point on the CNC machine tools easy to find positive. It should facilitate the calculation of the coordinates of the point of the knife. Try to make the shortest route during machining feed or retraction, and to facilitate tool change. As far as possible in the design basis or positioning reference parts coincide. Metal CNC lathe
Materials under external force (load) action, the ability to resist deformation and fracture. Material per unit area that is known as the stress load. Hardness: refers to a material to resist the pressure of other more hard objects their ability to surface hardness commonly measured by its distribution range hardness (HBS, HBW) and Rockwell hardness (HKA, HKB, HRC). Elongation: After tensile fracture, the percentage of total elongation of the original gauge length of material. After tensile fracture, the largest cross-sectional area and reduce the percentage of the original area off section shrinkage material. Toughness: material resistance to impact load, joules / cm 2 (J / cm2). Yield point: called yield strength, tensile stretch process refers to a material, the material of the stress reaches a critical value, the load does not increase the deformation continues to increase or produce 0.2% L. Tensile strength: also known as the ultimate strength of the material means to withstand the maximum stress before pulling off.
Precision metal processing to implement fully automated production methods, because of the unique performance, not only can reduce labor costs but also poor control products.
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