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2015 China Aluminum Industry Events

2015 is the first year of the creation of Chinese manufacturing to China forward, it is China's aluminum industry unusual year. This year, the domestic aluminum prices slump, aluminum overcapacity, weak downstream consumption, costs and other factors make full of difficult challenges of China's aluminum industry highly constrained; at the same time, lightweight vehicles, mass transit, high-end aluminum new materials, and foreign aluminum enterprise cooperation to make sustained downturn trend of China's aluminum industry to see the new dawn, can be described as the ups and downs, brilliant.
An old saying: Reviewing the Old. Sri Lanka passed away, still can be traced to Japan. 2016 is facing new opportunities and challenges, the Chinese aluminum industry in turn describe what kind of picture? In this case, the aluminum mesh Xiaobian carefully combing the Chinese aluminum industry event in the past year occurred in order to be helpful to the industry and reference!

SWA successful trial "large aircraft" project dedicated third generation aluminum-lithium alloy
January 7, SWA successful trial for "large aircraft" project-specific third generation of new aluminum-lithium alloy, to fill the domestic production gap, but also for the "large aircraft" to accelerate the localization and laid a solid material basis. So far, the two brands alloy required "large aircraft" projects are in SWA successful trial.
Ministry of Industry issued "aluminum industry," second five "development plan"
January 30, the Ministry issued "non-ferrous metals industry," second five "development plan" and "aluminum industry," second five "development plan." "Nonferrous Metals Industry" five "development plan" put forward "five-second" period, non-ferrous metals and industrial transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment made significant progress, industrial added value of more than 10% average annual growth, industrial development quality and efficiency significantly improve. "Aluminum Industry" five "development plan" to vigorously develop the deep processing of aluminum products, proposed "Twelve Five" period, average annual growth rate of industrial added value aluminum more than 12% of all aluminum and eliminate backward production capacity, industry concentration to further enhance .
South-held company aluminum plate workshop column ceremony
February 2 in the morning, the South-South project aluminum company held 200,000 tons of hot-rolled plate workshop started the main structure column ceremony, marking the largest domestic hot-rolled plate workshop officially started construction of the main structure. Plate shop 660 meters long, wide and 186.8 meters, an area reached 120,000 square meters, the project covers an area of 200 thousand tons is the largest plant, hot rolling across sub shop, hot rolling mill and auxiliary cross, stretching across, roller hearth Cross furnace, cutting across, finished cross. The main equipment includes hot rolling mill, stretching unit, roller hearth hardening furnace, aging furnace, installed equipment level of the world's advanced level.
Ningxia Energy Aluminium developed a domestic super-size cathode block
In early February, China Power Investment Ningxia Qingtongxia Energy Aluminium Ching-hsin Carbon has developed products for the 3990 × 720 × 560mm super-size cathode block, a domestic manufacturer of large size cathode block, to meet domestic and foreign large-capacity prebaked electrolytic cell We need need cathode block, to fill gaps in the domestic technology.
Sapa Group opened in China's first aluminum extrusion plant
February 15, Sapa Profiles (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd. grand opening, which is the Swedish Sapa Group since landing in China market since 1996, to invest in China's first aluminum extrusion plant, development, manufacture and sale of a high value-added lightweight aluminum profiles. Swedish Sapa Group is one of the world's three largest aluminum manufacturing company, is one of the world's largest aluminum manufacturer Sapa Group will Sapa Profiles (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd. as a base to expand its business in Asia.
Yunnan Aluminum completed China's first aluminum rod production line
In late February, in Yunnan province plans to support technological innovation, the Yunnan Aluminum Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights of 40,000 tons / year high-strength aluminum alloy rod production line was built and achieve industrial production. It's built not only to fill the gaps in the domestic high-strength alloy round aluminum production technology, but also become a cloud of aluminum to aluminum products to enter the high-end milestone, product performance in the domestic leading level, it can replace China's imports of alloy round aluminum products.
Ministry of Industry issued the "new materials industry," second five "development plan"
February 22, the State Ministry of Industry issued a "new materials industry," second five "development plan." "Plan" put forward, we should vigorously develop high-strength light alloy materials for special projects in 2015, the key to the development of new alloys varieties made a major breakthrough in the formation of high-end aluminum alloy 300,000 tons, basically meet the needs of large aircraft, rail transportation, energy-saving and new energy vehicles and other needs.
China's electrolytic aluminum industry has made a major breakthrough in energy conservation
March 16, China's electrolytic aluminum industry has made a major breakthrough in energy conservation. National Technology Support Program key projects "low-temperature low-voltage aluminum electrolytic new technology" in Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd.-owned Linzhou Lin Feng ALUMINUM company by the Ministry of Science and acceptance, tons of aluminum DC consumption decreased from the project before the 13,235 kwh 11,819 kwh, a drop of 10.7%. This technology also cracked the world aluminum industry produced significant technical problems.


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