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Metal processing new technology - Fiber Laser

Laser due to a monochromatic, coherent and parallel to the three major characteristics, especially for materials processing. Laser processing is the most promising laser application areas, has now developed more than 20 kinds of laser processing technology. Space and time controlled laser controlled well, the object of material, shape, size and processing environment freedom are large, especially suitable for automated processing. Laser processing systems and computer numerical control technology combine to form highly efficient automated processing equipment, it has become enterprises timely production of key technologies for high-quality, efficient and low cost production process has opened up broad prospects. Now mature laser processing techniques include: laser rapid prototyping technology, laser welding, laser drilling, laser cutting, laser marking, laser to re-balance technology, laser etching, laser trimming technology, laser storage technology, laser scribing technique, laser cleaning technique, laser heat treatment and surface treatment technology.
Laser rapid prototyping technology integrates laser technology, CAD / CAM technology and the latest achievements in materials technology, according to the CAD model of parts, with a laser beam to the photosensitive layer by layer cured polymeric material, piled into precise prototypes, molds and tools do not need to quickly and accurately manufacture parts of complex shape, the technology has been widely used in the aerospace industry, electronics, automotive and so on.
Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, it can greatly reduce the processing time, reduce processing costs, improve quality of the workpiece. Pulsed laser for metal materials, non-metallic materials suitable for continuous laser, which is an important application field of laser cutting technology. Modern laser has become the people to pursue the fantasy "cut iron drunk" and "sword."
Laser welding technology has the bath purifying effect, to clean weld metal, suitable for welding the similarities and differences between the metal material. Laser welding of high energy density, high melting point, high reflectivity, high thermal conductivity and physical properties very different metal welding is particularly advantageous. Laser welding, using less power than a laser beam cutting metal, the material vaporized without melting, after cooling becomes a continuous solid structure. Laser applications in the industrial field is to have limitations and shortcomings, such as using a laser to cut food and plywood is not successful, the food is cut also was burned, while cutting plywood on the economy is still far from viable.
Laser drilling technology with high accuracy, versatility, high efficiency, low cost and integrated technology significant economic advantages, has become one of the key technologies of modern manufacturing. Before the laser appeared, only on a smaller perforated material with hardness greater hardness of the material. So you want the biggest diamond in hardness punching, it becomes extremely difficult. After the laser appeared, this type of operation is fast and safe. However, laser-drilled hole is conical, rather than cylindrical mechanical drilling, which in some places is very convenient.
Laser marking technology is one of the largest laser machining applications. Laser marking is the use of high energy density laser irradiation on the workpiece locally, so that the surface material vaporization or color changes in chemical reaction, thus leaving a permanent mark marking method. Laser marking can play a variety of characters, symbols and patterns and so on, the character size can be orders of magnitude from millimeters to microns, which have special significance for security products. Excimer laser marking in recent years developed a new technology, especially for metal marking, can achieve sub-micron marking, has been widely used in the microelectronics industry and bio-engineering.

Laser technology is used to re-balance the heavy laser to remove part of the high-speed rotating component unbalanced inertial axis coincides with the axis of rotation, in order to achieve balancing process. Laser technology has to re-balance and to re-measure the two functions, can unbalance measurement and correction while greatly improving the efficiency in manufacturing the gyro has broad application prospects. For high-precision rotor, laser balancing can exponentially increase balance accuracy, precision balance its mass eccentricity value of up to 1%, or thousandths of a few microns.

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