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Walk in silk WEDM characteristics

 China endemic (except mainland China, did not produce any kind of machine tool manufacturers national and regional), high-speed WEDM wire (High Speed Wire Cut EDM), because of its simple structure, low cost, good process effect, coupled with the use the process of consumption, since the late sixties to the successful development has been rapid development, has become an essential manufacturing process equipment. by the end of 2004, the annual output of more than 3 million units, about the world 70% of the wire electric discharge machine production. However, due to its processing quality problems have not been effectively addressed, and with the foreign production of low-speed wire WEDM (CNC low Speed wire Cut EDM) constantly improve the technological level, mold industry, Zeng Chinese people are proud of China's unique WEDM-HS, but now it is difficult to troubled development. mold has been difficult to meet the development needs.

1) with power and memory, broken wire protection, automatic shutdown, transport silk edge stop and other functions;

2) vertically profiled taper processing; specifies the corner, variable cone processing;

3) dual-CPU architecture, programming control integration, sharing can be programmed during processing;

4) computer-controlled intelligent high-frequency power supply to obtain patents in Europe and America, is a powerful guarantee for the occasion Rynn go wire high efficiency, high precision and high finish, low molybdenum wire loss;

5) precision to find the center, looking for the edge function accuracy of ≤ ± 6 ?? m, alternative Fast wire machine unreliable, low-precision manual to find the center, looking for the edge function;

6) HF code control system uses the entire Chinese menu, Chinese programming can be processed simultaneously, can automatically generate multiple cutting procedures; possible international standard ISO code control, read into DXF graphics file, G codes, 3B codes;

7) through the U disk, floppy disk, RS-232 serial port to exchange data with other computer networking, the system easy to use, very convenient;

8) cabinet adopts design principles appliances and machine tool isolated only in the machine such as motors, steering switch, broken wire protection switch, all the other controls are all located to the cabinet, this has a great impact on the life of the machine, due to the line cutting the working environment is very harsh, corrosive fluid is relatively strong, and easy water inside the machine, so that the non-electrical failure rate is high, easy to aging electrical;

9) Machine signal feedback line, inching lines are multi-layer shielded cable, make it more stable, higher processing efficiency. 10) Environmental semi-enclosed structure, the working environment clean and quiet;

11) one for six months inter Yu JIYU-306 environmentally friendly coolant, the use of filtration systems, always keep the machine clean, the water never plug;

12) taper structure, constant tension, ensure a large taper cutting precision;

In order to meet user needs, we Chen Yang NC Machinery retain fast walking wire EDM simple structure, low cost, good process effect, the process of using low consumption characteristics, based on the concept of a reference to international advanced processing equipment and precision molds walking multiple wire cutting technology (ie, the first cut rough cut with a larger high-speed electric gage, then refined and subtle gage gage a second, third or even fourth and fifth cut, processed surface gradual repair of light, in order to obtain a good surface quality and precision), developed to achieve multiple cutting intelligent system speed WEDM wire CNC medium speed wire cut EDM). the machine ratio Fast wire more humane, convenient, applies more broadly. more and more manufacturers of all ages. has sold more than 1,000 units on the market, users generally reflect the quality of this EDM machining better. I produced the "speed walk in silk", not only the moving speed of the wire between "high speed" and "low", and processing quality is higher than the "high-speed wire walking machine", and approaching low-speed wire machine.

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