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Stamping technology (a)

Stamping technology (a)

1. separation step
Using a mold to make sheet separation.
Mold closure line along the sheet metal punching, punching the lower part of the work, the rest of the waste.
Die punching sheet metal along a closed line, part of the waste washed down, the rest of the workpiece.
Cutting boards, cutting line is not closed.
The sheet partially cut, cut-out portion is bent.
The drawing or semi-finished edges cut off the excess portion after forming.
In the case of an increasing number of product categories, with small manufacturing tolerances, with violation of the punching characteristics, material properties of the material challenges, to meet customer demand for the basic premise, stamping on its high-speed mass production of the Service, Engineering human, things, places, things, equipment, and management of all kinds of differences and changes, so that the extension does not give birth to many wonders and some technical obstacles, with the accumulation of stamping team experience on the more serious and prone to change due to the energy of its fundamental mastered and controlled, this will produce bad part born to put text for mold, for example, which are not enumerated in order to cover the whole piece, deep breadth and depth of technology to the joint efforts of the party of the team still needs to study. hoping narrator depth explanation, to be up to speed stamping characteristics. not only has technology granted more idea heritage.
1. jump crumbs:
Since the high-speed punching, punch eating into the material, resulting in between the ends of the punch material was vacuum state, so subsequent adsorption after punching blanks out of the cavity. The resulting strip traveling between crushed and deformed its die-cut contour shape, space, material properties and thickness, cutting oil selection and dosage, SPM speed, blade Li Dun, cutting depth - - - - -. the main factors are the following impact hop plant cuttings die Phi cover and air to attract the most commonly used, and another blanking changes taper, blowing method, the punch end surface variation method, ejector rod based system, grab the lower mold material law, cutting the contours of law, revised lower die edge angle method and eat depth, - - - adjustment Act and other visual practices with use.
Anti-jump crumbs method Example:
a. drape method
b. inverted taper
c. Class holes & grab hook material.
d. Repair R arc
e. to change the contour cutting contour
2. The need of trimming
Due to the web-based die cut after rolling the required width dimension points, so the side of the membrane retained relatively uneven stress and edges, with transmission and stamping press at the uneven work station, resulting in the release of stress along, so that the strip by deformation due to copper transport and stack another way, the material will be affected by the collision force a little marginal deformation;. the points of the crop will be affected by the linearity of the material properties of the difference, so to ensure continuous homogeneous moldings of Heshun send considerations, will give proper trimming work station.
3. Fine • hole of obstruction
Since blanking path is not smooth, resulting in scrap Cypriot village, again and again squeeze blocked blanking oral, increase cutting times, the punch reaction force will eventually squeeze caused buckling fracture.

 Its lower die size of a blanking slope length b c edge straight back part mold base escape hole size d e cutting oil viscosity punching contour f blanking flipped over,..... - - - etc., all affect the ease blanking.

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