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Precision metal punch features

Precision metal punch features
1, high rigidity
High rigidity, high precision frame, use welding steel sheet and heat treated to eliminate bed stress.
2, the center of gravity balance
1. Transmission center and the center of the machine as a whole tends to be consistent to ensure accurate punching and stable.
3, stable operation, safety and clutch / brake device highly sensitive, coupled with top international double solenoid valves and overload protection device can guarantee the sliding boards running and stop accuracy and security. Precision adjustment mechanism to adjust the slider up
0.1mm, adjust production safer and quicker.
4, high-precision
Friction and other parts of the crankshaft, gears, gear shafts, etc. are hardening hot-treated, then grinding processed, so having high wear resistance and balance, stable performance to ensure quality and longevity punch.
5, processing automation
It can be used with any automatic feed mechanism, to automate production, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
6, environmental protection, energy saving
And beautiful appearance, low noise, low consumption, energy saving, smooth neat appearance to better reflect the advanced design concepts.
Precision punching rules
1, press workers must learn and master the punch structure, performance, familiar with the rules and operating permission before operate independently.
2, the proper use of punch security protection and control devices, shall be arbitrarily dismantled.
3, check each punch drive connection, and other parts of lubrication and protective safety device is normal, screws must be securely mounted mold can not be moved.
4, punch before work should be idling for 2-3 minutes, check the flexibility of the foot brake and other control devices before being used to confirm normal, not sick operation.
5, mold bear firmly on the lower die alignment to ensure the correct position, turn the hand moving punch tryout (empty) ensure that the work in the mold is in good circumstances.

6, before driving to pay attention to lubricate, remove all floating punch put items.

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