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CNC machining can Process what shape and precision product

CNC machining can Process what shape and precision product

1. States CNC precision standards

When the machine is set by the manufacturer of Japan, "accuracy", usually JISB6201 or JISB6336 or JISB6338 standards. JISB6201 generally used for ordinary general machine and CNC machine tools, JISB6336 generally used for machining centers, JISB6338 is generally used for vertical machining centers. The above three criteria in the definition of positional accuracy is basically the same, only the text JIS B6336 as an example, because on the one hand the newer standard, on the other hand with respect to the other two standards, it is slightly exact number.

2. The European machine tool manufacturers, especially the German manufacturers, the general VDI / DGQ3441 standards.

US machine tool manufacturers usually NMTBA (National Machine Tool Builder's Assn) standard (the standard comes from a study of the American Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, enacted in 1968, later amended).

CNC machining can process depends on what shape and what precision CNC system itself, the machine structure, mechanical properties and other indicators.

3. System: The system itself from the 2-axis, 3-axis up to 5-axis. The more the number of axes which things can be processed more complex 5-axis machine can theoretically process any shape.

4. Structure: The decision in the case of system, the structure of the machine itself can also determine what kind of shape processing. For example, the system supports 5-axis, multi-axis if the machine itself is not so, it would not function 5 axes.

5. Mechanical properties: in the case of the machine structure determination system, determines the mechanical properties of precision. The higher the mechanical precision accuracy can be processed

Better products, precision products in general are lower than the accuracy of the machine at least one level.

Above, of course, there are some auxiliary means to improve the overall performance of the machine, but only an auxiliary, more than three decisive points.

Size precision machining center and the typical member of Comparative Case shape and position accuracy level at home and abroad, domestic approximately 0.008 ~ 0.010mm, and the international advanced level of 0.002 ~ 0.003mm.

Ultra-precision machine is mainly used to solve the ultra-precision machining domestic high-tech and defense of key products, although demand is not very big, but it is a sensitive technology to foreign technology blockade by. On the other hand, to deepen the study of ultra-precision processing technology, under the extension of its outcome will contribute to the need for greater precision in the submicron high-precision machine tools of development and industrialization.

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