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Metal mold parts related knowledge

Mold parts related knowledge

I. mold parts common brand


II. Common materials mold parts

Mold parts manufacturing material tungsten steel, high speed steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, brass, metal alloys, spring steel, carbon steel, plastic mold parts and so on mainly includes single shot shoot, double shoot shoot, double shoot tip, flat tip, flat tip, positioning column, plastic mold guide sleeve, straight sets, column sets, plastic mold guide sleeve, straight sets, in care sets, positioning column, a square aids, stereotactic bit block group guide aids, A, B, C-type filling nozzle, fixed ring A, B type, standard mechanical switch, a square aids, small special standard nozzle sprue bushing, big special standard nozzle sprue bushing, mold date indicator means The resin switcher, stopcock, plastic mold with the finished tip, pencil lead, pen, small rod C type, bracing shoot, shoot pull material, plastic mold guide column, bar, back to the needle.

III. Metal stamping die accessories

H-straight body punch, A two-stage punch edge forming punch, K-type budding punch, B-type punch guide, A-type picture punch, punch, die, bushings, high-speed steel rod, ultrafine particles of tungsten steel rod, powder high speed steel rod, floating rose pin, pin floating material, stopped screws, pins (fixing pin), such as sleeve, guide posts, guide sleeve, precision chrome guide column, precision copper titanium bushings, self-lubricating bushings, inner guide column components, mold base slide guide column components, mold base with a ball guide column components, can be disassembled ball guide column components outside the guide column components, ball sets (cage), an independent guide column, hexagonal screws, high screws.

IV. Basic requirements mold parts

1, wear resistance

Variability in the blank plastic mold cavity, the cavity surface along both the flow and slide, so that the cavity surface of the blank generated intense friction between, leading to mold due to wear and failure. So wear resistance of the mold is the most basic, one of the most important performance. Hardness is a major factor affecting wear resistance. In general, the higher the hardness of the mold parts, the smaller the amount of wear, the better the wear resistance. In addition, the wear resistance of the type, quantity, shape, size and distribution of materials related to carbide.

2, fatigue fracture properties

Die working process, in the long-term effects of cyclic stress often leads to fatigue fracture. In the form of many small energy impact fatigue fracture, fatigue fracture tensile contact fatigue fracture and fatigue failure. Fatigue fracture properties of the mold depends on its strength, toughness, hardness, and material content of inclusions.

3, toughness

Mold working conditions are mostly very poor, some often bear a greater impact load, leading to brittle fracture. To prevent mold parts at work suddenly brittle fracture, die to have high strength and toughness. Mold toughness depends on the carbon content of the material, grain size and organizational status.

4, high temperature performance

When the mold into the higher operating temperature, hardness and strength will decrease, leading to early die wear or plastic deformation and failure. Therefore, the mold material should have a high resistance to tempering stability so as to ensure that the mold at the operating temperature, high hardness and strength.

5, resistance to thermal fatigue performance

Some die in the course of their work status of repeated heating and cooling, so that the cavity surface tension, pressure becomes stress, causing surface cracking and spalling, increasing friction and hinder plastic deformation, reducing the dimensional accuracy, resulting in die failure. Thermal fatigue is one of the main forms of hot die failure, such help mold should have a high resistance to thermal fatigue performance.

      6, corrosion resistance

Some plastic mold such as at work, due to the chlorine, fluorine and other elements are present in plastics, precipitated decomposition when heated HCI, HF and other strong corrosive gases, erosion of the mold cavity surface, increasing surface roughness, increased wear failure.

Mold Detection Technology

Development of precision molds, measurements have become increasingly demanding. Precision coordinate measuring machine, long

Since the subject of environmental constraints, rarely use at the production site. A new generation of coordinate measuring machine basically with temperature compensation and the use of anti-vibration material, improved dust control measures to improve the environmental adaptability and reliability, so that it can be easily installed in the workshop in order to achieve the characteristics of the measurement site .

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