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Metal stamping equipment maintenance knowledge (a)

Metal stamping equipment maintenance knowledge (a)

A. Metal stamping equipment maintenance outside maintenance
1. Clean the machine and the appearance of the cover, to keep the inside and outside clean and free of rust
2. Check padded handle screw nut fastening.
II. Metal stamping equipment maintenance lubrication
1. Check all lubrication points filled cup oil, so oil flow, tubing neatly firm
2. Check the oil quality, well maintained.

III. Metal stamping equipment maintenance drive
1. Adjust the belt tight loose
2. Check the joint and spring, maintaining safe and reliable.
3. Check and adjust the punch guide, platen tight loose.
IV. Metal stamping equipment maintenance appliances
1. cleaning electric motors, electrical box
2. The safety of electrical installations, fixed and tidy.
3. Check the Check safety limit devices are safe and reliable.
4. Wear the correct PPE, it is strictly prohibited to wear slippers, sandals punch.
Check the lubrication point is sufficient lubrication, brake tightness is appropriate and whether all parts of the operation of inclusions.
When energized, the motor must move with haste point, the direction of rotation of the large gear observation is correct.
Check the die is correctly installed securely, cracks or collapse on the blade.
You must be in the clutch before starting the motor.

Test brakes, clutch and steering the movement is flexible, accurate and reliable, and for a few air travel.

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