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How to reduce the cost of aluminum products mold development

The aluminum molds used in injection molding process is not an entirely new concept. Initially, the prototype mold commonly used aluminum manufacturing, and automotive applications such mold has a lot of years of history, it has gradually gained popularity in the enterprise outside of the automotive industry
In today's rapid development of manufacturing, often heard people responsible for the production of aluminum industries, supply chain, procurement staff to discuss how to reduce the length of mold development cycle, high cost, reduce costs, ensure quality, and become aluminum products processing industry insiders a new goal to pursue.
Mold manufacturing
1. Mould Technology
(1) consider the blanking process, after considering the drawing process
With the high-strength steel in car production use, in order to ensure high strength sheet metal can be shaped, after blanking forming method using a high probability of success, blanking compared with no blank holder drawing, material utilization greatly enhanced. But the drawing process is easy to ensure product quality, debug cycle can be shortened.So consider the development of the latter two should be combined with the best technology.
(2) sets of cutting technology for small parts production waste blanking section after blanking parts can be used again to produce the same material.
(3) required to achieve the maximum way around clamping member or a multi-cavity mold
Our products are developed almost all symmetrical, if the clamping member about the need to increase the size of the production only symmetry element is the new technology of mold dimensions on a single piece of mold width (length) dimensions. It can save compared to a guide mechanism also enables the mold to reduce the overall weight. Parts for elongated recommend using a multi-cavity approach to production.
product design
1. Sheet selection
In the vehicle to meet the strength requirements of the premise, companies should try to use more common on the market, mature technology. For example, my company a front bumper beam within the plate workpiece material selection Sweden blade material DOCO860, due to the high strength sheet in accordance with the general process of development of the mold after forming an opening rebound of 8mm, radian rebound up to 15mm. For these problems, we can only be compensated by the rebound several tests, only a long period, and waste material seriously.
2. product structure
Multi-model development, should consider the product's versatility. In addition, the product should simplify the structure and avoid mold processes increase or die structure complicated.
3. Application of concurrent engineering
Stamping simultaneous engineering (SE) is in the product design stage, stamping technology division early intervention for product manufacturability analysis, to eliminate errors and defects in the design phase, reduce mold development cycle. As it can be seen from the figure, after the use of simultaneous engineering process eliminates the need for a link, make tooling manufacturing began in the shortest possible time, to provide sufficient time for manufacturers.
Production Process
Currently enterprises to adopt the production line there are two types: manual and automatic production line production line. Automatically line is concerned, in order to ensure automatic slide production waste, slippery material plate angle and the table must be greater than 20 °, plus automatic line feed mold height requirements consistent with, and ultimately to ensure the waste material can fall freely, we must increase the height of all the mold .However, for the vehicle concerned, reduce mold height is saving mold development cost effective method. Manual production line is no problem referred to above. Companies can choose the mode of production and production equipment according to their own circumstances, and ultimately achieve a small investment, big output.
Gloss level
In order to produce injection molded parts with good decoration, to extend the life of the mold than in addition, manufacturers also want to maintain the surface of an aluminum mold a degree of gloss, it is recommended that the use of electroless nickel coating process, because This approach helps to prolong the life of the mold surface finish to produce decorative part is relatively easy.
Due to the soft texture of aluminum, if not using surface coating, it is easy to be worn plastic, accelerate its extent of damage, thus changing the gloss of injection molded parts. Electroless nickel coating can increase mold surface 50RC, sufficient to protect and extend the gloss and structure of the mold surface.
Surface finish
More advantageously, the electroless nickel coating can get a better quality of surface finish than aluminum itself, but it must be noted that prior to plating mold may first require some surface treatment. For example, in order to enable it to achieve the lens level of quality level,First, the surface of the aluminum is recommended mold processing to SPIA-3 Grade finish of level,Before then further polished, then apply 0.0003 to 0.0005 high phosphorus electroless nickel coating to achieve the level of Diamond-quality finish.
On the other hand, this process saves a lot of time and costs. Under normal circumstances, aluminum will bring a variety of defects, But are often invisible to the naked eye, only in the injection molding parts we can clearly see that this will lead to a waste of material and return Test Bench retesting time to analyze and correct problems arising. Electroless nickel coating will help to eliminate these defects before mold production, or will these defects to a minimum.

Since the electroless nickel coating is deposited uniformly on all the surface of the mold, so it will be comprehensive coverage of the entire part, including all threaded holes and pin holes, etc., which actually enhances the structural integrity of the aluminum mold. Another advantage is that electroless nickel coatings applications will not affect the properties of aluminum, because it is applied at low temperature of 180 ℃.

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