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CNC machining of complex products with a fourth axis (sub-dial)

Currently, CNC machining centers the most common models or three-axis machine, you can do most of the work of manufacture, machining complex parts with more and more demand, the simple three-axis machine has been unable to satisfy the workpiece clamping, positioning and indexing requirements, installation CNC dividing plate on the basis of three-axis machine (commonly known as the fourth axis), the numerical control system with the upgrade, you can complete a variety of needs and rotary indexing fixture, positioning workpiece machining, ensuring machining precision and efficiency, but also reduces the number of setups, time and fixture.
CNC dividing panel with AC or DC motor drive server, double pitch worm drive mechanism group, using a hydraulic encircling locking device, coupled with a solid rigid seal structure.
The fourth axis refers to two fifth axis rotary axis machining centers in addition to X, Y, Z outside.
Category five-axis machine tools: cradles, vertical, horizontal, NC + NC dividing head table, NC table + 90 ° B-axis, NC table + 45 ° B-axis, NC + common horizontal table axis CNC machine tools [1] A axis °, two-axis NC spindles.
Rotary axis Vertical axis machining center, there are two ways, one is the table rotary axis is provided on the bed of the table can be about the X-axis rotation, it is defined as the A axis, A-axis normal working range +30 to - 120 degrees. There is also a table in the middle turret around Z-axis rotation, is defined as a C-axis, C-axis is 360 degree rotation. The advantage of this approach is to set a relatively simple structure of the spindle, spindle rigidity is very good, the production cost is relatively low. But generally can not be designed too large table, bearing also smaller, particularly when the A-axis rotation is greater than or equal to 90 degrees, will bring a lot of cutting the workpiece table bearing torque.
Another is to rely on a vertical spindle rotary head. Front spindle is a turret that can surround yourself Z axis 360 degrees, become the C-axis rotary head can also bring about the X-axis rotation of A shaft, generally up to ± 90 degrees to achieve these same functions. The advantage of this way of setting spindle machining is very flexible, the table may be designed to be very large, large body aircraft, a huge engine casing can be processed in such machining center.
CNC dividing plate is widely used in milling, drilling and processing center. With four-axis machine tools user interface, it can be used with movable axis machining.

CNC dividing plate and spark machine combination, can be used in bicycle and automobile tires mold.

CNC dividing plate also with DC / AC single-axis servo controller, is linked to M- signals for equal division processing.

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