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Aluminum material oxide influences on part size

Contacting the machining industry for many years,
Many customers encounter the same problem consulted.
Asks the aluminum oxide process,
Is there a certain influence on the precision machinery spare parts?
Whenever a customer mentioned this problem,
We will tell customers in detail.
Aluminum oxidation does impact the accuracy of the mechanical parts,
Since the oxidation is a chemical treatment,
It causes the aluminum surface modification,
Let enhance the role of mechanical parts of the surface hardness.
This is the chemical coating technology!
Aluminum oxide processing machinery parts precision how to control it,
Precision machinery spare parts, if the thickness of the process dimension accuracy requirements,
After the oxidation treatment can be based on the exact size,
Stay machining parts geometries or go negative difference sizes,
Guarantee precision machining parts after oxidation treatment to achieve the drawing process requirements.
Mechanical parts processing,
Drawing thickness precision, and fine holes, steps, to the edge of the hole size requirements,
The thickness required to deal with is the same way.
Aluminum oxide affects the accuracy of mechanical parts,
But in the process it can control the mechanical parts,
To ensure that the customer drawings and achieve technological requirements!


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