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2015 CNC machining, injection molding, stamping processing industry development situation

The past two years, with the manufacturing sector recruitment difficulties, labor difficulties and security issues become increasingly prominent, labor costs rising cost pressure, such as CNC machining, injection molding, stamping traditional processing industries growing demand for automation high, the robot manipulator also emerged.
The use of CNC machine tools robot to replace the manual, save costs, improve efficiency and reduce the defect rate. At the same liberation of manual, tedious work processes to make simple, easy to operate, a significant reduction in labor costs. Compact robot structure, beautiful appearance; running speed, low noise and accurate positioning. Operating out of control and can effectively prevent circuit board damage caused due to short circuit, high reliability, strong anti-jamming system; signal connection can be used quick connectors, plug and play, easy disassembly; extract multi-point and multi-point placement .
Exhibitors Exhibition Center on robot machinery exhibition obviously a lot more this year than last year, much customers. Six-axis articulated robot is the first to show his face machining automation exhibition for the new products, the co-use of some special career in the field, demonstrated a mobile phone shell made of injection molds and steel buried artifacts pulled out the injection operation.
Cnc processing industry would like to know how the restructuring and development of it?
If you are not using automation, this unusual set of actions needs two people to manipulate, but if you use an automated tooling machine, you can save two individuals working capital, investment costs no more than 18 months can recover the long-term benefit.
It is reported that this year's CNC machining automation gratifying developments in the situation, an increase of about 40% results.

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