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CNC aluminum processing technology

CNC aluminum processing technology

Stamping, forging, welding, bending, drilling, necking, etc.

In aerospace, automotive and mechanical fields, the aluminum alloy material more widely, due to its high raw material cutting, thus, in the area of the above-described respective parts dimensional accuracy, surface roughness of the parts requirements are very high . To ensure the quality of products, equipment, fixtures, especially the tool have high demands when machining.

Processing complex forming the stepped hole universal tool program:

First, according to the previous size requirements and processing of machined parts rough margin, cutting tools are divided into: a rough, b half precision machining, c select reasonable allowance fine design stepped reamer.

Second, the design of the tool selection:

1, select the tool of raw materials: choice of cutting and cutting tools for aluminum raw material hardness, mechanical properties, usually carbide roughing applications, precision diamond material processing applications:

Difficulties question asked:

   Aluminum processing, surface Ra0.1 hole used for piston movement and more stringent requirements for sealing applications. For hole surface finish requirements within high Ra0.1, and mass production in machining, should belong to the more difficult is not easy to achieve.

technical analysis:

1: metal processing itself is the tool extruded parts processing portion of an elastic variant - plastic deformation - cutting to achieve, avoid tool tear parts processing unit, for consideration in the tool, the cutter blade must be sharp, to the part itself elastic variant plasticity variations shorten the time, after the impact of the machined surface as small as possible.

2: Batch Production continued to consider the wear resistance of the tool, the tool to enhance the material, in a sharp state is maintained longer.

3: aluminum metalworking extend itself toughness is good, not easy to break crumbs, cut off to solve the problem or continuous row of cut, to avoid scratching the interior surface of the chip.

Achievement of objectives:

    To sum up: the use of poly-precision diamond cutting tool, to be very sharp edge, such as the cutting portion

Three aluminum processing accuracy:

  Some finishing allowance to stay a little less, about 0.05 to 0.1, the tool corner radius slightly larger, about R0.5, a small amount of feed per revolution surface accuracy will certainly be better, cutting fluid must be better, achieve sufficient cooling and lubrication enough to keep the tip sharp stick crumbs.

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