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Metal stamping technical one (the actual article)


1. Simple blanking die (also known as single-step mode)
Its guide can be divided into an open mold, die and guide pin guide plate mold
2. Continuous blanking die
According to certain procedures, in a stroke of the punch slider, the completion of two or more stamping process when working with the strip of continuous feeding,
In the punch and die action die a few pairs, respectively, to complete punching and blanking work.
3. Compound Die
Also multi-task sequence mode, continuous mode of action it in different ways, composite molding sheet is in a position, they can achieve and shape of the hole punched. It is being mounted composite molding Features are installed blanking die on the lower mold. washed out parts stuck in the die, the elastic buffer through mandrel, is top of the top member when being installed in the compound die punching, because the strip is punch with elastic top member is pressed, so out of the workpiece relatively smooth. higher requirements for flatness, punching large dome bend thin material, the use of composite molded dress more appropriate.
The flexural modulus
Divided into three categories:
Simple bending modulus, flexural modulus composite mold and automatic.
U shape molded parts to change the system angle of less than 90 ° can be a bent shape. Slotted flexural modulus. Punched trough member, until the wool is stretched and thinned, usually secondary to become the first The wool into a second straight U-shaped semi-finished pieces, then placed on the mold, with a U-shaped medial position, bent trough.
Implied mold
This die structure for large parts of the first extension of the various extensions. Double action punch die with subsequent extension of time is applicable to all kinds of square and rectangular pieces extension. Sports in the structure and extension of the process and the first extension of the same mold. The different point blank in this mold is cylindrical semi-finished products.
In the case of an increasing number of product categories, along with fine manufacturing tolerances, with violation of the punching characteristics, challenges feed material characteristics, to meet customer demand for the basic premise, stamping on its high-speed mass production of this Service, Engineering human, thing, ground, material, equipment, and management of all kinds of differences and changes, so that the extension does not give birth to many wonders and some technical hurdles, along with the accumulated experience of the press team, on the more serious and prone to change due to the energy of its fundamental mastered and controlled, this will produce bad part born to put text for mold, for example, which are not enumerated in articles cover the full, deep breadth and depth of technology to the party of the joint efforts of research teams still hope by the narrator's in-depth explanation, to accelerate understanding of stamping characteristics. Not only has technology grant, the concept of inheritance and more.
Jump crumbs:
Due to the high-speed punching, punch eat into the material, resulting in between the ends of the punch and the material was vacuum state, so subsequent adsorption after punching blanks out of the cavity. Cause of belt travel between the crushed material, and deformation. Its punching contour shape, space, material properties and thickness, cutting oil selection and dosage, SPM speed, blade Li Dun, cutting depth - - - - -. The main factors are affecting hop plant debris following profiles Phi cover and air to attract the most commonly used, otherwise blanking change taper, blowing method, the punch end surface variation method, ejector rod based system, the lower mold material grasping method, cutting contour variation method, the die edge trim angle method and eat into the depths - - - Adjustment Act, etc. with the use of visual practice.
Anti-jump crumbs law examples:
a. drape law
b. inverted taper
c. Class hole & grab hook material.
d. Repair R arc
e. the change in contour cutting contour
2. yaw:
When the elongated member in punching, punching section due to the impact from the component so that the ideal centerline offset the finished specification, which also caused by foreign body pressing the adverse yaw.
In bending project, needle length torsion, bending punch and lower die asymmetry, it may also cause the finished product after bending deflection General to borrow their characteristics, to impose RBI, slope, corrections and other adjustments designed to control.
3. punch grinding direction
Punch forming process, the machine direction and the roughness of the material will affect punching peel resistance, finished precision, tangent beautiful, twisted cutting surface, tool life, caused by the friction force, fines, - - - - other bad.
If the very strict requirements of high-speed precision punching, the punch must impose more polished, in order to control the above it becomes due.

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